Rentracks Cocreation Indonesia

We are a brand-new (startup) company from Japan and this is our corporate website. Our first core business in Indonesia is a semi custom-made e-commerce, mainly focused on Batik. We aim to create a value through making an online Batik platform for designers, craftsmen and users. Our collection of batik fabrics are sourced from makers all over Indonesia, as well as created by artists from all over the world.

“Reviving Indonesian arts & culture to be inherited by the young generations.”

Since Batik has been considered as an Indonesian heritage, many Indonesian people wear Batik in formal occasions or even in daily office scenes. Also the younger generation starts to co-create Batik products in original and modern way.

However, majority of the Batik these days are still on mass productions. A dyeing technique of Batik is one of the most precious point to be appreciated, but it might be forgotten in those mass productions. At the same time, styles of those Batik could be more sophisticated.

Our business attitude is “As well as keeping heritage of the old culture, break stereotypes and create new cultures, good relationship with people, have an art consciousness, focus on making value speedy.”

We aim to solve these problems with this business attitude, and make an environment for the young generation to co-create casually without big investment or resources.
It is our hope that we could be the one who encourage people to love their country and be active to create and inherit the country’s culture.

Our Parent Company

PT. Rentracks Cocreation Indonesia is a branch from Rentracks Co., Ltd in Japan. You can read more about our parent company at (English version is coming soon.)

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