img-rou-1Rou is a Japanese word for the wax that is used in creating batik.

We are a semi-custom attire creation shop where we combine authentic batik fabric with modern daily style. We have over 200 batik patterns in our collection, but we only have 1 or 2 pieces of each pattern in stock. So in a sense, Rou is also “limited edition” and sold only through our e-commerce website.

We also accept full custom measurements so Rou’s VIP clients can have the attire that really fit with their unique body shape. This particular service is currently only available by appointment.


Stay tuned for our e-commerce website and please follow us on Instagram @rou.indonesia.

Batik Platform is our media website. With more than 13.000 islands, 1.340 ethnic groups, and 700 local languages in Indonesia, there are so many things of our treasure that haven’t been known well.


That’s why come to give references to our youth about their nation. You can read about Indonesian culinary, tourism, and fashion inspiration for your daily activities without forsake your roots.

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“Reviving Indonesian arts & culture to be inherited by the young generations.”
It is our hope that we could be the one who encourage people to love their country and be active to create and inherit the country’s culture.