Our corporation mission is “Enriching people’s lives and making them happy through utilizing internet.”

We believe that “Rentracks-ism” is a core essence to achieve our mission. ”Rentracks-ism” is shared as our management philosophy and business policies.

  • Management philosophy
    “Giving adequate information and convenience to people.”
  • Business policies
    “Having belief, sense of responsibility, humility, speed and ability to execute as a business motto. We will let every people related with us to grow. We will explore ways to make people happy and offer their happiness.“

In Japan, we all read aloud “Rentracks-ism” at every morning’s meeting to familiarize with our mind.

A core business in Japan is “ASP” business (Affiliate Service Provider), web-consulting business. This year, each staff members are seriously and honestly working under the goal of “aiming to become by far the best customer satisfaction in ASP.” We are aiming to become not just “ordinary” but “by far” the best, with this “Rentracks-ism.”

All of “Rentracks-ism” looks nothing special. However, we strongly believe that our company will become very interesting and exciting if every single person seriously embody our belief. We deeply feel honor of working together with person who thinks our belief is interesting, exciting, and like to pursue together.

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