PT. Rentracks Creative Works
PT. Rentracks Cocreation Indonesia

We are one of the most creative team in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Our mission is to make the world more Interesting by using the skills of creativity and real number analisys.

High Creative Skills
To Make Your Business More Interesting

Rentracks is originally a listed IT company in Japan.
We are confident in the high quality creative we have cultivated in Japan. With the help of creatives that we have, we can raise up the interest of your business.

Marketing Skills
To Make Your Business More Successful

With the advertising technology and related user analysis know-how cultivated in Japan, we are possible to develop a method that can accurately reach the marketable customers in Indonesia.

DEEP Problem Solution

Do you have problems about sales? Ask us. Our Marketing Team would analize your problem deeply and find out the core problem that you have, suggesting you with the right solution.

Marketing Suggestions

You don't know the problem that you have with your business? Don't worry, we're here to help you.
By analising the business, we would provide either the right way to sell or the right way to solve your problem.

Quick Support

Business always needs speed. We are always here to quickly respond to any messages customer sends.

Developing Original Service

Do you want to increase your business with developing Original Web Services?
In that case, we might could also help you with it. We could build apps / games that users suit.


Homepage Creation

Making high quality homepage fast is what we are very used to. Wordpress available


Web Service with AWS

We could create and manage any webservice. App developments are available also.


Influencer Posting

if you need ads with influencer, ask us. We have more than 100 Instagramer in Jakarta. holding <100k followers


Character Concept Making

do you need help with making 2D characters / concept making? we're the right one to ask.


Search Engine Optimization

if you need to boost up the SEO, we're the right one to ask. We Have more than 7000KWs in 1st place past.


Internet Advertisement

We also have very high knowledge to optimize Internet Ads via Google/instagram/facebook/twitter


Early Stage Investment

Do you have good business plans but lack of money? We might be the one. invested over 7 comapany in 1 year.

Do you want to hear more?

Original Web Service

Swipeup is a Voucher service based in Indonesia. Users could buy vouchers with lower than the original price. Merchants could get cash before the users use / enjoys your service. Its also a platform that you could make your new users know about your service.

Access Swipeup

Original Shop

ROU is custom made batik shop. We use triditional handmade batik all over Indonesia. We bring together Indonesian tradition and modern fashion to be created into wearable daily attire of your choice.

Access ROU

Original Youtuber Character
Andi Adinata

Andi Adinata is a male Virtual YouTuber based in Indonesia.
The costume design is inspired by Indonesian traditional batik.

Access Andi Adinata